Super Sus Mod Apk v1.33.9.033 (Unlimited Money/Donuts) 2022

Join the next level of 3D Among Us game - Super Sus Mod Apk: Who is the Impostor! The best free mobile game to social with local friends and those from worldwide offers you an unique experience to be space crews, who struggles to prevent the spaceship from crashing while for impostors, killing crew mates is all they want.
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Oct 12, 2022
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In this game, you have to find the imposter and eject him out. Super sus mod apk is like the among us game but it has better graphics and exciting gameplay. It is a trending game having 300+ million downloads. I am sure you will not miss the opportunity to play.

The importance of multiplayer games cannot be underestimated. These games allow you to interact with other players and make the gameplay more craving. Most of you have heard about the popular multiplayer game; Among us.

You will protect yourself and your teammates. Find out the fake persons in your team and throw them out. Your wrong judgments can lead to harsh consequences. So, challenge your IQ and search for the bad people. If you are looking for a Mega menu in the game, that gives you unlimited money and donuts, you should try the altered version from our site.

Moreover, the game is presented by a popular company; PIProductions. Play it with local friends or worldwide players, the choice is yours.

Gameplay Of Super Sus Mod Apk

In this game, you will play the role of an imposter or crew. Sometimes, the game selects your role itself to increase your interest. There are many twists and turns in the game, I hope you will enjoy it. As a crew, your goal is to save the spaceship from crashing.

Likewise, the imposter role is also available. When you move on as an imposter, you will kill the other players without being caught by other crewmates. You can hide in shadow areas and behind the seats. The game has different game modes like local mode & multiplayer mode. In the local mode, you can create or join the local group.

Whether you are an imposter or a crewmate, you can report the death of your teammate or arrange an emergency meeting. Talk with other players and try to recognize the imposter. If you are succeeded in finding the right imposter, you will win.

You should keep an eye on all teammates. Before starting any mission, charge your talents, equip Gimmicks and turn the tide. Your wrong step can do worse. S3 special force is also available with season rewards and an exclusive skin set.

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Salient Features Of Super Sus Mod Apk

Unlocked All Skins

The game has a customization feature too. It means you are allowed to change the outfits of the crews or imposters to your taste. Various types of skins are available for characters. The game is modified to provide all the skins.

This will help you to change the dress and make a reflection of yourself. The costumes are very unique including most of the bright colors. In addition, this version is free from annoying ads, bugs, and issues.

Unlimited Money And Gems

You have a limited amount of in-game currency in the original version. You will need many items and skins to survive in the game. But the edited rendition of super sus is presenting an unlimited amount of money and gems.

So, you can enjoy exhilarating features for free. The mod menu is clutter-free and simple. You can buy anything in the game and take off all the challenges. The version also gives access to all characters, so you can flexibly take any role.

3 Dynamic Functions

Players can choose their roles from three different fractions. These factions are neutral, sheriff and imposter. The game plot is set in a space so, it has exceptional gameplay. Every player will select the fraction and use his analytical skills to find the fake person in your team.

You should be careful in each decision and act. Mutual distrust and suspense are the main colors of this game. The gameplay is almost similar to squid game and werewolf.

20 + Characters

As super sus mod apk is a multiplayer game, so you will find a wide range of characters. Carefully choose all characters and build a team. Each character has its own set of skills & powers, which you should use wisely.

Many powerful characters are locked, but in the hacked version, you can get every character without any effort. Our developers are still working on it and making it better than previous versions. So, you can play the role of your favorite character and find the cheater.

Join Forces

Playing as a team is much better than playing alone. So, you will force and work as a team. Please make sure no imposter is present in the game otherwise, you can be dropped out at any time. Unlock the skin character and customize your workers as per need.

There is an in-built chat system, so you can communicate with other players and track out the exact cheater. Utilize the voice chat feature to connect with many characters at the same time.

Varied Game Modes To Explore

You are not limited to one scope, rather the game features super game modes. Explore much in trophy mode, spy mode, doctor mode, engineer, sheriff, and multiplayer online mode. You can also play daily tasks and special in-game events to collect the treasures.

Make new friends and double the fun of the game. You have to deal with both internal and external enemies. Create your maps and discover new locations, the game has many things to discover. Moreover, the players are fans of 3D animated plots and optimized controls.

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The Last Lines

We give 100% working mods for you and still trying to fulfill the player’s needs. However, if you think you have any trouble, please inform us. Super sus mod apk is the best replacement for Among us game. If you are tired of the virtual world, you should try this game because it opens a new world of fantasy for you. Whether you survive or not, you can make new friends and enjoy the moments of life.


How do you get a role card in the super sus game?

You have to complete a New bie growth plan in the game to take a new role.

Is super sus mod apk online?

Super sus mod apk is originally an online RPG. So, you cannot play without an internet connection.

What's new

1.New Map: KRAKENBURG — Double the deck, Double the fun!
- New underwater map is here! 2 floors + 5 elevators + brand new tasks
2. New Function: Your Fake Role
- To combat the unfun drop role meta, "Your fake role" is added to ALL ROLES gamemode
3. Global Account System: Bind with official PI ID, never lose your account again!
- Use your email to bind with game account, login with email verification
4. Other optimization and bug fixes



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